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1. Kero wrote:
I saw for the second time a Tumbleweed tiny house. The first time was many years ago and a local news sittaon in central Iowa (where I live) did a short news spot on it. Then, last Jan, I was surfing the web and came across it again and pursued the links to find all sorts of info on tiny houses and SHS. I was intrigued and very infatuated with the Tumbleweed house plans. The style of the homes as well as the efficiency. I've been right sizing since and have reduced my collection of stuff a lot. My wife thinks I'm nuts for being even interested in tiny houses and simplifying that much. She likes her space. She also likes her stuff. She is starting to show a slight glimmer of desire to reduce out of frustration of not finding things she knows she put somewhere but is having a hard time letting go of things. I knew the only way I could possibly pursue a tiny lifestyle is if she was convinced (long way to go yet) AND if I were to find a plan that two could live in comfortably without climbing a ladder to bed. That last point is the only thing that I eventually didn't like about the Tumbleweed styles. I like it in that it reminds me of the fun I had in a tree house when I was a kid. Everyone imagines being like Peter Pan and never growing up. But I'm getting older and climbing ladders everyday will someday become very difficult. Also, I really wasn't a fan of any plan that I've found with a bed on the main level. The styles usually aren't as quaint as a Tumbleweed home, or the layout inside didn't flow for me. I came across your web site a few months ago and, at first, wasn't so sure this plan was for me. BUT, I have come to like it a lot now. The more I think on it the more I like it. I feel your plan is the best I've found where there is plenty of space and also with a bed on the main level (sort of). I've decided that the bed in this plan is really not on the main floor but is still easy to get to using the storage stairs. I also really like what you've done with those and the closet under the bed as well as the built in storage couch/bed in your living room (right down to the space most designers seem to waste behind the couch back). I am a ways from being ready to build one but am still looking foward to seeing what you will offer for plans. I am very much a DIY'r and have done all kinds of construction in every home I've owned and would love to build a tiny home on my own. I will be keeping up with your blog/posts. I am not on facebook but I am on google+ and added a post about your web site there.

Thu, February 11, 2016 @ 4:43 PM

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