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Chase a Result, Not a Feeling – Integrating Open Gym in to the CFM Program

CrossFit Metanoia is different. And not in the way the purveyors of Hot Topic are different although we clearly have our share of wierdos. Between the size of our facility and our commitment to our profession we are able to provide an Open Gym environment during all our operating hours, 7 days a week. We love seeing people work their weaknesses in a space that allows them the freedom to decide what is important while still getting feedback from a coach when desired. What’s important to remember regarding Open Gym is to make the most of the opportunity and not chase a feeling versus a result.

The workouts posted each day are developed with a long-term result in mind. Over the course of 4-12 weeks our program is designed to move you closer to a specific goal (generally referred to as prioritization) while also improving your overall conditioning in short, medium and long time domains. Adding additional work in to that program is not wrong, but can become a detriment to the recovery process if utilized to create or follow an unplanned, soul-crushing Metcon meant to illicit a feeling instead of a result. That recovery process is crucial to your strength development and increasing your work capacity. “So don’t do Open Gym”? Not at all, however use that time wisely to work on what you specifically know you need.

The most obvious example would be a supplementary strength like squat or pressing movements. Many of us will see increased strength over time, however keep the total reps, including warm up, to less that 35 and focus on one movement per day. This will create muscular development while allowing the body to recover at a rate that your performance will not be degraded.

Another great way to get the heart going while not chasing the feelz are EMOMs. Pick two movements, one you may need to improve and the other you’re efficient at and put them together for no more than 14 minutes total. Select your reps based on what it would take you 30 seconds to complete the movement and get after it. The possibilities are endless but as an example:

Every minute on the minute for 8 minutes:

Odd minute 1-2 rope ascents / Even minute 8-12 burpees.

The prescription above will get the heart pumping, save your grip for the rope ascents and allow you to start to working on the movement while in a slightly fatigued state. This is the practical application of mastering the basics.

Finally look in our WODify system for the 6-week training cycles our Head Coach created to address the most common weaknesses we see. There you will find progressions for the most common deficiencies we see in the community including pullups, toes to bar, pushups and several others. These are three-day-a-week plans designed specifically to integrate with the CFM program.

It is and always be your decision, but when approaching the whiteboard in the back ask yourself, “am I chasing a feeling or a result?”.

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