In Greek Metanoia means "The journey of changing one’s mind, heart, self or way of life".

This is a philosophy that drove two friends to build a community-based CrossFit gym. Ernie and Russ began training friends and family out of a house garage in Fayetteville, NC in 2014. A year later their dream of a CrossFit gym was realized. CrossFit Metanoia has grown from about 15 members (in the garage days) to over 100.

 The core values at CrossFit Metanoia are Community and Coaching. The coaching staff and community are committed to help every member achieve their fitness and health goals:

 Community: The community atmosphere is friendly, supportive and committed to achieving their goals. Members at CrossFit Metanoia want to achieve certain health and fitness goals, and the community's encouragement is critical in those efforts.

Coaching: Our coaches are professional and personable. The coaches are certified and experienced in coaching people of all walks of life. Your age, gender or physical ability will never be an issue. All we want is an attitude that desires change.

 Our philosophy is that health and fitness is a life style that guides your everyday actions. Health and fitness are not merely affected by the work you put in the gym, but how you live your life outside the gym. Changing self is a process that takes time, and the individual has to address issues such as recovery, nutrition, stress, sleep and mobility.


At CrossFit Metanoia the real measure of success is in the long-term.


"The coaches are well-researched, attentive, and very particular about proper form and technique. The programming is challenging and will get you to push yourself and try new things.If you're from out of town, drop in here. If you're moving to Fayetteville, you just found your new gym home. Either way, you won't be disappointed."

- Pete Hitzeman

"Absolutely love this place!! Everyone from the coaches to the members have been extremely welcoming to me and my family!! They are very experienced coaches and work with all levels of athletes. Would highly recommend!!"

-Mindy LouAnn

"I've been doing Crossfit for 4 years with drop ins at boxes all around the world, and this is some of the best programming I've ever encountered. The community is great, clean facility and the coaches truly care. Highly recommended."

-Jo N Elle

"I was brand new to the CrossFit world and they welcomed me with open arms! Positive environment and very family/kid friendly. Great community that I'm proud to be apart of!"

-Eleni Athena Long