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The CFM CrossFit Program focuses on constantly varied, functional movements performed at relative high intensity.

Each coach led class is one hour long and consists of a warm-up, technique and refinement drills, strength and the prescribed workout.

On Board:

The On Board Program is a comprehensive introduction to CrossFit that can be added to any of our memberships.  On Board provides our new members an individual training experience on the fundamental and high skill movements you will be exposed to in our CrossFit Program as well as access to the CFM Nutrition Series.

Individual Design:

The Individual Design Program includes a program developed and designed specifically for you and your goals.

You will receive your weekly program from your coach via the TrueCoach app where you will be asked to update your results in real time. Your coach will check in with you regularly to monitor your performance then make any adjustments as needed. ID clients have the option to utilize our fully appointed facility for an additional access cost or complete your program remotely at an alternate location.

Personal Training:

An all-inclusive approach to your wellness.

Together with your assigned coach, a tailored plan of training, nutrition, and lifestyle elements will be laid out to ensure the highest level of satisfaction and success. That plan will be executed with the coach right there guiding you every step of the way.

Metanoia Connect:

Enjoy remote access to our CrossFit Program via our WODify app.

Connect members enjoy CrossFit Program access and performance tracking when access to our facility is not conducive to their location or lifestyle. This is great opportunity to follow a proven CrossFit Program with minimal cost.